180 degrees series

black and white…acrylic on paper…currently on display at Tornado Gallery – 19th and Buddy Holly – Lubbock Tx……inspired from working with artists Julie Schumer and James Koskinas…..highly encouraging artists for a free spirit like me!!!! A huge turning point in my painting journey….probably the only b&w i will paint as I am more of a colorist but the self expression has been unleashed!!!!!!!! These were just magical to paint!!!!!

think too much . . .2


think too much . . . 2

just the paint – the surface – the process – and me of course!!!!!!

realizing may passion currently lies in the process I am experimenting with acrylic . . . and trying really hard to not think and just paint!!!!!! no more rules!!! no restrictions!!! in this piece I did think – oops!!!!! on to the next one